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March 11-13th, 2024

In Spring 2024, Pilco will be in collaboration with Gosh! Kids from Singapore, to offer an exciting array of workshops that highlights Jeju culture, nature and marine life.

The 3-Day Program for children aged 6-12 includes


  • Conversation and Art Making with Galot (Jeju traditional dye method) Master Mrs.Yang

  • Jeju Gotjawal Exploration and Botanical Field Studies,

  • Ocean Ecology with Dr. Noseworthy, Marine Biologist

  • Creative Literacy and Storytelling

  • Jeju Folklore and Mythology with Ms.Han, Theatre Actress

  • Wild Horses Oreum Hike

  • Podcast Making with Mr.Choi, Arirang Radio Host

  • Photography Workshops



This exciting educational experience will offer a unique lens into the rich cultural and natural treasures of Jeju Island.


For program details, visit

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Jeju Island

Why Visit?

Situated south of the Korean peninsula, Jeju is a UNESCO World Heritage site, rich in nature and beauty. Known for its grandmother women divers (Haenyo), volcanic rock landscapes, and home to Korea's tallest mountain, Hallasan, it is a natural gem away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.


Pilco Studio is located on the west side of Jeju Island in Jeoji-ri, a region abundant in horses, farms, quaint villages with Dol jibs (Jeju traditional stone houses), and unique hiking trails known as Olle-gils (Jeju dialect - a small alley connecting a house to a road).



With easy access to direct domestic and international flights, Jeju can be enjoyed in every season, making it the perfect location for family holidays and weekend getaways.


What level of English should my child have to join?

Pilco is an immersive English environment and participants are required to have basic understanding of the language and be able to communicate their needs in English. 


How do I get around?

The three best ways to get around Jeju is

  • Car Rental

  • Kakao Taxi

  • Private Car Hire with Driver

    • 12-hour cost is approx 150,000-170,000 KRW (~120 USD)


Where can my family stay?


Is the program overnight?

The program time is 9 AM - 3 PM, lunch included.


What’s the student-teacher ratio?

1:3, with each cohort no more than 15 children


How can I get to the Studio?

The best way is by car or taxi, Pilco is located on the west of Jeju. Our address is 62-5 Jeoji 12-gil.


Will I get photos and video updates from the program?

Yes! You will receive a personal portfolio link with daily photo and video updates of your child.

What are the program fees and how do I sign up?


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