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The perfect summer in Jeju with your kids

Updated: May 31, 2023

Thinking of a magical summer getaway? Then look no further than stunning Jeju. A volcanic island situated south of the Korean peninsula, Jeju is a UNESCO world heritage site rich in nature and beauty. Known for its famous Hallabong tangerines, women divers (Haenyo), and dormant volcanoes Mount Halla and Seongsan Ilchulbong, it's sure to be a place that you and your family will love.

But what to do with kids while you’re here? Don’t worry, PILCO has you covered.

PILCO Summer Workshops - JEOJI-RI

Pilco Studio is a boutique learning space that designs experiences and tools to bridge play and learning. Situated in the quaint Jeoji Art Village around 40 minutes from Jeju city, it offers small English group workshops that center on nature immersion, creative writing, and podcast production. Running daily from 9 am to 3 pm over the summer break and including lunch, it’s sure to be a place where your kids can make some friends and amazing memories.


Yoga amongst nature


Surrounded by lush greenery and tangerine trees, there’s nothing more relaxing than an Agast yoga class in their outdoor shala. Open since 2018, Agast boasts a variety of different teachers and yoga styles, as well as an English kids yoga class run by a pair of passionate yogi ex-pats. For further details and session times, visit them on their Instagram page.

Kids diving class


With some of the most beautiful underwater ecosystems in the world, it’s no wonder people flock to Jeju each year to learn both scuba and freediving. But what’s even better?

Now your kids can too! Run by AIDAYOUTH diving instructor Yoonkyung Choi, a kids' diving class in their specially designed diving pool is a unique travel experience not to be missed.

Yenar Jeju Craft Museum


Wanting to better understand the culture of Jeju? Then be sure to check out the Yenar Jeju Craft Museum. Located in Jeoji, Yenars collection showcases an impressive display of ceramic and wooden traditional crafts dating back to the Tamna dynasty. The museum is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and closed every week on Mondays.

Slow Life Slow Tea


Situated amongst stunning green tea fields, Wooyeonmot is a teahouse that truly knows the meaning of zen. Savour one of their many famous teas, or indulge in a delicious dessert all while enjoying the ambiance of Jeju nature. Looking for something that’s both fun and educational? Then sign up for one of their tea pairing courses. Opening hours are 12 pm to 7 pm and closed every Tuesday.


Mundoji Oreum

Located not far from Pilco Studios on the outskirts of Geumak-ri, this volcanic cone is a picturesque and enjoyable hike for both adults and young children. The surrounding area is called the Gotjawal region, Gotjawal meaning ‘copious amounts of vegetation’, such as trees and vines, tangled up together in Jeju dialect. Be sure to head up there in the afternoon to watch a sunset that truly takes your breath away.

Songak Mountain

For a fun hike with the kids and picturesque landscapes, why not head to Songak Mountain? Though not as enormous as Mount Halla, the view from the peak of Songak (also called 99 Bong or 99 Peaks) is truly scenic. From the summit, one can see nearby islands such as Marado, Gapado, and Hyeongjeseom, and as far as Mount Halla and the Pacific Ocean.

Panpo Breakwater (Panpo Port)

Fancy a kid-friendly dip without waves? Then Panpo breakwater is your answer. Situated about a 20 minute drive from Jeoji-ri, Panpo breakwater features dazzling blue waters and a large open swimming area that is both safe and shallow for children. Offering calm flat waters, it’s the perfect place to try paddle boarding and kayaking, or going for a snorkel.

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From traditional Jeju stone houses to Tuscan-style villas, these Airbnbs are PILCOS top picks.


Feel transported to Europe.

A cozy guesthouse; Jeju style.

A modern stonewall house in the country.

A peaceful little stone delight.



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